We take the stress out of transcripts!


Your child will need a homeschool transcript for the following:
  • Dual enrollment (to prove GPA and high school grade level)
  • Varsity or Junior Varsity level sports with an FHSAA school
  • Bright Futures or other scholarships
  • Applying to four-year colleges or universities
  • Job and internship positions

As homeschooling parents in FL, it is our duty to create and maintain high school transcripts for our children. This can be a time-consuming task if you have never done it before, and the choices and responsibility can seem tedious and overwhelming. We are here to take the stress of the homeschool transcript away!

We offer partial and full-service options: We can either start you off with a high school transcript that you can then continue filling out as the years go on, or we can build the whole thing for you and maintain the records. The choice is yours.

Our purpose is to EMPOWER you to feel confident enough to do this yourself. That is why we offer to start your child’s transcripts. Many parents just want to get the ball rolling and have the option to maintain the transcript themselves. We are flexible and happy to help you in whichever way works for YOU.

A Little Bit About Me:

Tucker homeschool transcript service
Homeschool Transcripts by Lupita Eyde-Tucker

I have been homeschooling our 5 children in Florida since 2005. Over the course of this time, I’ve realized that the main obstacle to successful homeschooling is the availability of good, accurate, and relevant information. High School is an important time, and parents don’t want to make mistakes or bad decisions. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion, which can lead to stress and fear.

When our own children grew to high school age, I set out to discover and simplify the path to high school graduation, keeping in mind the importance of setting our children up for life AFTER graduation. Homeschool transcripts play a key role in both stages. I am happy to help you complete this important document and promise that you will feel SO MUCH BETTER once you get the ball rolling 🙂

Our mission is to provide as much clear information as possible for FREE via our website, our You Tube channel, the various Facebook homeschooling groups that I manage, and through my evaluation service, Evaluations by Lupita.

I believe that YOU are uniquely equipped to meet the educational needs of your children, because no one loves them, or wants them to succeed more than you do. My desire is to support and encourage you throughout your homeschool journey.

– Lupita Eyde-Tucker