Diploma audit – What must my child complete in order to graduate?

Mother and daughter hugging in front of a laptop computer after completing a diploma audit.The diploma audit helps you determine how many credits your child has to complete to graduate from your homeschool.

The goal is to present a clear path to graduation— a flexible, planned course progression. This course progression will be tailored to your child’s unique educational goals, abilities, and needs.

In the diploma audit, I suggest curriculum options that will fulfill high school graduation requirements. First, I review all the credits that have already been completed. Then, I offer suggestions on what path to follow to complete a standard high school diploma. We will schedule a one-hour Zoom session where we’ll review the suggestions together, and end with a clear plan going forward. You will feel empowered and equipped!

This service can be done whether the student has already begun high school coursework, or is about to start high school. The diploma audit can be done yearly, or as a one-time service. The diploma audit complements my high school transcript service. I’m happy to help in any capacity you need!

Dual Enrollment Course Selection Assistance

Is your student planning to complete the AA degree through dual enrollment? Or, do they have their sights already set on a particular major for their university studies? I can help parents make course selections that will meet AA and BA general education requirements. Your child’s time is very important. Making smart course selections is a huge time saver for your student, and a great way to save on college tuition after high school graduation. By completing specific general education requirements through dual enrollment, a student can effectively cut their post-high school college tuition bill in half. I’ll guide you in making course selections that will maximize their time while dual enrolled.

Diploma Audit – $60 per session

Each session includes a comprehensive review of credits already earned, and the academic needs and goals of the student. It includes a one-hour consultation with the parent via Zoom, to review recommendations together and settle on a plan going forward.

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